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Hydraulic Shovels and Excavators

HCMA designs and produces Hydraulic Shovels and Excavators of recognized reliability and maintainability, with bucket capacities between 6.5 and 48 m3 [1.8 t/m3]. Its accessibility and ergonomics make it possible to increase operator safety and comfort. Hitachi’s signature features are electronically controlled pumps, variable speed cooling systems, and real-time remote monitoring using IoT technology. Likewise, for the benefit of the operator, the equipment includes a soundproof cabin with positive pressure, air conditioning, ergonomic controls to reduce fatigue and the Aerial Angle peripheral vision system to optimize loading and avoid collisions. The new -7 series offers speed and a shorter duty cycle, as well as lower fuel consumption and reduced emissions.
They can be powered with Cummins or MTU diesel engines or electric motors of their own technology, friendly to the environment.
This equipment has been used in Peru for 22 years, the support includes specialized maintenance services by contract, MARC or LPP, which have allowed historical figures of availability and accumulated machine hours.