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Terms and Conditions

Compliance with the Peruvian Personal Data Protection Law is very important for Zamine Service Peru S.A.C. (hereinafter ZAP). This regulation establishes that in order to process the data or information of a natural person, their prior, informed, express and unequivocal consent is necessary. In case of sensitive data processing, written consent is also required. For this reason, in the use of digital networks and in compliance with the aforementioned law, ZAP will consider that you have adequately given us your consent when you positively decide to “click”, “click” or “puncture”, “give a touch”, “touch” or “pad” or other similar when asked for your acceptance of these terms applicable to the processing of your personal data.

You can trust that ZAP has taken all necessary technical and organizational measures to guarantee the security and confidentiality of your personal information, and to prevent any mishandling, accidental loss, destruction or unauthorized access by third parties to this information using the means suitable to counter them.

Due to the continuous improvement of our processes, ZAP may make modifications and corrections to the terms and conditions, to which you agree. Please check these terms regularly for changes that may have occurred and how they may affect you.
The ZAP website is not designed or intended for underage and, consequently, does not collect data from underage. If you are an underage please do not use the website. If you are under the age of 18 and over the age of 14, you must have the consent of your parent or guardian to use this website. If you provide us with your personal data and you are over 14 but under 18, you must provide the contact details of your parent or guardian so that ZAP can verify your consent.
You can exercise your rights that assist you as the owner of personal data (access, rectification, cancellation, opposition, information or revocation). For this purpose, you can send a communication to [email protected].
ZAP will never share your personal data with third parties for a purpose other than the one to which you have consented. ZAP may share your personal information with third parties which may be located inside and outside the national territory, but only for the purpose that you have consented to. It is possible that these third parties are located in a territory other than the national one. We can also provide your personal data to Public Administration bodies and competent authorities if we are required to do so by virtue of obligations established by law. In some cases, we must also provide your personal information to the aforementioned entities in order to carry out a legal, judicial and/or administrative process; to answer any claim or demand; or to protect the legitimate rights of ZAP, its customers and any other user.
The personal data that you freely provide through the ZAP websites will be processed for the following purposes: attend to queries or claims and follow up on them; send information or advertisements about ZAP's products and services; internal management and administration of our client list, market research or business research or statistics; carry out billing processes; electronic commerce; Manage your application for a current or future vacancy at ZAP; carry out an evaluation for the granting of credits, update or verify your information; or, as a reference source. Your data will also be used to manage, support and obtain information about the quality of our products and services and to prevent breaches (alterations) to our security, the law and contractual terms. Considering the purposes described and that sometimes the processing of your information corresponds to compliance with legal obligations, you grant your consent indefinitely. If you do not agree with the further processing of your information, you may proceed as indicated in section 5. With your consent for the processing of your personal data, you declare that this will prevail over any registration in the Indecopi "Thank you... do not insist" registry, the one that replaces it, or any blocking list for sending communications. This does not preclude your right to delete your personal data or revoke your consent at any time.
You can trust that ZAP has taken all necessary technical and organizational measures to ensure the security and confidentiality of your personal information. Only authorized persons of ZAP, of third parties with whom we maintain a contractual relationship (for example, service providers or clients) may have access to and process your personal information as long as they agree to respect this Privacy Policy and the regulations for the protection of data. All authorized persons who do not belong to ZAP and who have access to your personal data will do so in compliance with the terms established in the legislation applicable to the processing of your personal data.
We only collect the personal data that you wish to provide us or that is necessary to provide you with (and improve) our products and services, and for the purposes that are described in point 3 of these terms and that you freely accept. We collect direct personal information such as name, ID, address, telephone, email; the one that is expressly indicated on our websites through electronic forms or other formats; the one that you provide us directly and indirectly, such as cookies (information about user preferences when visiting a web page), connections and information systems; all of this in strict compliance with the Personal Data Protection Law.