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Electric Propulsion Trucks

HITACHI Trucks, heirs of the legendary EUCLID, are AC electric propulsion. This translates into lower operating/maintenance costs, reduced emissions, and positive availability figures. HCM manufactures them in Japan, in a load capacity range of 180 to 320 tons. They can be powered by Cummins or MTU diesel engines.
Its stability, speed and safety have been improved by the anti-skid, anti-slip and anti-pitch systems, integrated into the Drive Control System. DCS is complemented by automatic torque control of AC electric motors. The IGBTs are of the latest generation and proprietary technology.
The 360° peripheral vision, the millimeter radar, the digital displays, and the remote monitoring of performance – machine health, allow to strengthen safety, optimize fleet management and take control of the operation in real time. The cabins comply with FOP and ROPS standards, their controls are ergonomic. HITACHI trucks have been operating in the Peruvian mining since 2015, in high-altitude applications. Autonomous versions are already being successfully tested in Australia, in cooperation with Wenco, a company that is part of the Hitachi group.