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May 2017 – Hitachi Trucks of Constancia – Performance Test Result

Hudbay Minerals is owner of Constancia mine, which is located in the province Chumbivilcas (Cusco) with a height over 4,000 masl, it started its production during the first quarter of 2015. Among the equipment which currently are working at the mine, the hydraulic shovels Hitachi model EX5600-6 stand out as main loading equipment (03 units) and Caterpillar 783F trucks (18 units), in both cases they were acquired during the year 2014.

With the increase of its production in 2015, Hitachi introduces 03 Electric Trucks Model EH4000AC3 in the fleet of Constancia, they were put in test mode for the period of 01 year in order to demonstrate the good availability and operation of our trucks in mine conditions (weather, height, slopes, etc.).

To evaluate the performance of the truck during the test period, the following indicators were established:

  • Minimum mechanical availability of 90%.
  • MTBF(Time between failures) 50 hours.
  • MTTR (Time for repair) 8 hours.

For the test, the training of operators was considered from before the arrival of the trucks and during the operation by the use of a simulator, a program of instruction in different climatic situations and continuous monitoring in order to strengthen the good operation of the equipment. For this purpose, two instructors certified by Hitachi were assigned, who assigned around 1500 hours for the training of 16 operators (theoretical classes, classes on the simulator and on the equipment).

Also, Zamine Service Peru created a team of professionals made by factory engineers, technical personnel, Zamine engineers and planners, who ensured the proper functioning of the equipment. we obtained an average annual mechanical availability of 95.91% which is within the defined reliability parameters (MTBF and MTTR).

Finally and due to the good results obtained, Hudbay Peru SAC confirmed the acquisition of three Hitachi trucks, which were the first equipment of its type working in Peru; thus consolidating Zamine Service Peru as a supplier of earthmoving equipment for mining. The achieved success was the result of the commitment of Hudbay Peru and Zamine Service Peru, which thanks to their professionalism managed to take a test in adverse geographical and climatic conditions and thus they gave the opportunity to introduce Hitachi trucks as a new competitor in the Peruvian truck market.