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March 2015 – Antamina starts to use in operation its first Hitachi Hydraulic shovel EX5600-6

After a meticulous negotiation process between Compañía Minera Antamina S.A. (ANTAMINA) and Zamine Service Peru SAC, (ZAMINE) official representative for Hitachi Peru for large mining equipment, efficiently covering Antamina’s requirements, managed to meet the expectations of this important mining company in the search for the best alternative that guarantee the expected productivity in your mining project located in the district of San Marcos, Huari in Ancash.

In May 2014, Antamina received the first Hitachi EX 5600-6 hydraulic shovel satisfactorily, marking the beginning of a close commercial relationship, which seeks to ensure the technical and mechanical availability of the shovel in the mine. Currently, the equipment has approximately 3.500 hours of operation with a high percentage of mechanical availability.

The Hitachi EX 5600-6 is highly applicable equipment, and it has great versatility for its movement in the operation and great selectivity for mining work. Zamine Service Peru SAC, a company domiciled in Peru, is a subsidiary of the Marubeni corporate group of Japan, and it is dedicated to the distribution of capital assets and post-sale support, also it has a team of qualified professionals to comply the requirements of its clients with high levels of quality standards and experience accumulated over 14 years, derived from the uninterrupted attention of the MARC contract with Minera Yanacocha Company, providing support to the Hitachi brand.

About the experience with his first Hitachi shovel, Mr. Jorge Ghersi Parodi, Vice President of Operations of Antamina said: “Since the beginning of operations of the HITACHI EX5600-6 shovel, the following performance indicators were available: Availability of 95,3; given the positive results of the utilization of 71,8% and productivity of 1955,2 Ton/hour”.

“About the operational issues we have a high expectation of the performance of this team that we currently use as a support team”. An opportunity that we have over time is to improve the skills of our operators, which will increase the productivity of the team. “The support provided by ZAMINE, meets the expectations involved in the programming of maintenance. The training in mine operations by Hitachi-Zamine personnel allowed us to have three operators per guard trained for this equipment”, said Mr. Ghersi.

Zamine held the recognition ceremony for the confidence deposited in the acquisition of the first hydraulic shovel Hitachi EX 5600-6 in September 2014, in the auditorium of the facilities of Antamina, in Lima, because of the positive results of the equipment performance and considering Antamina, an important reference for the Peruvian mining market.